Why is a prior appointment mandatory ?

To help us schedule case loads appropriately so that the process is smooth. It also enables us to check online details like case status on eMedical for Australia, Canada and NZ.

Why is the HAP ID mandatory for Australia cases ?

It is the starting point of the medical examination without which we cannot initiate the case in eMedical.

Why does the process take so long ?

It involves error-free documentation, data entry and laboratory testing. This is followed by physical examination and takes time based on the complexity of the medical condition of the applicant. Urine testing may have to be repeated at times based on the initial report. All this requires a time of about 4 hours. There are some busy seasons like student admissions (with close deadlines) when a large number need to be accommodated. On such days it may take even longer.

How do I know my medical exam results ?

The Panel Physician would highlight any significant findings. Those which might appear later on Lab reports would also be informed if significant.

Where are we sent in case of specialist referrals ?

For some specialties there are panel recognized Doctors who would be consulted. In some cases it is permissible for the treating Doctors to give their opinion, but in the format prescribed by the authorities.

Should we come fasting for the initial medical tests ?

No. You must have your food before coming to the Centre as the process is long. In cases where further testing is advised by the Panel Physician, this would be specified beforehand.

Do you have any branches in the city ?


How do I take an appointment ?

You need to go online to our website (migrationmedicine.com) and book an appointment by filling a country-specific form. We would respond with a date and time.

Can I come for the examination during my periods ?

No. As it interferes with urine testing in Australia, Canada and NZ cases.
You must request to schedule the medical exam atleast 4 days after the last day of the menstrual period.
(UK and US applicants need not worry about this aspect).